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Better Garbage Service.

C6 Disposal is now part of Republic Services

We want to welcome C6 Disposal customers to Republic Services. We’ll continue to provide C6 customers with the highest level of safety and excellence that you have come to expect. We want to make this transition to Republic Services as seamless as possible for you. At this time, here’s what C6 Disposal customers can expect:

At this time, here’s what C6 Disposal customers can expect:

Your service will continue as scheduled without interruption. You may see changes to your service day or time in the new year, but we’ll let you know well in advance of any changes.

You will be serviced by the same dedicated local team of professionalsmany of the drivers you’re used to seeing will continue to handle your collections. At this time, your customer service support will remain unchanged. Republic Services has more than 500 employees dedicated to serving you right here in San Antonio, and we’re welcoming 50 C6 Disposal Systems, Inc. employees to the local Republic Services team.

We’re in the process of moving C6 customer account information to our billing system. Once you’re set up on the new system, you will receive a new Republic Services account number. You will be able to pay your invoices by phone, mail or through the Republic Services website or app. Please watch for more information to come on your new account information.

For more information, please visit RepublicServices.com.