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Balfour Beatty LAFB

Services offered to Lackland AFB Military Family Housing

Company efforts are focused on waste removal and disposal as well as recycling through the use of “state of art” collection vehicles and highly motivated personnel.

Residential Garbage Collection and Recycling

2 – times per week (Tues/Fri) curbside garbage collection using 96 gallon totters

1 – time per week (Tues) recycle collection using 18 gallon bins. Excess recycle products may be placed curbside in clear plastic bags.

In addition, we provide twice monthly bulk collection (1st and 15th of each month).

Bulk consists of household furniture and fixtures. Example: couches, tables, chairs, mattresses, box springs, bed frames, washers, dryers, etc. Interior and exterior construction/remodeling waste building material will not be collected as part of the bulk pick-up.

Hazardous Waste Material – such as household chemicals generated from pesticides, herbicides and cleaners as well as used motor oil and old car batteries should be taken to building # 7385 on the main base for disposal.

Car Tires – should be taken to building # 7390 on the main base for disposal.

You may take large card board boxes to building # 7390 to be recycled, otherwise they will be collected as trash if placed curbside.

All items must be placed curbside by 7am.

Updated Recyclable Materials List


Most types of paper, such as circulars, catalogs, carbonless paper, dry goods packaging with liners removed (example: cereal, pasta, rice, beer/soda cartons), envelopes, file folders, junk mail, magazines, newspapers, office paper, paperback books, paper bags, paper towel/toilet paper cores and non-metallic gift wrap. No phone books or wet or yellowed paper will be picked up. All cardboard must be cut into 2′ x 2′ strips & bundled together in order to be collected as recyclable material. If cardboard is not cut as specified it will be disposed of with the trash. No large cardboard please!

Glass Bottles and Jars All Colors

Remove lids and rinse all food and liquids. Examples: beverage bottles, food and condiment bottles and jars (jelly, mustard, mayonnaise). No mirrors, windows, ceramics, or other glass or glazed materials are allowed.

Metal Cans

Aluminum, steel, and tin beverage and food cans rinsed of all food or liquids. Aerosol cans emptied and nozzle removed. Baking tins rinsed and remaining contents removed.


Labeled #l through #7. Remove lids and rinse any remaining food or liquids from containers or trays. Examples include: Beverage bottle, shampoo and lotion bottles, meat trays, condiment bottles, prescription and medicine bottles, plastic grocery bags tied together into a bundle.

C6 reserves the right to add or delete items.