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Services offered to Brooks Developmental Authority

Company efforts are focused on waste removal and disposal as well as recycling through the use of “state of art” collection vehicles and highly motivated personnel.

Residential Garbage Collection

Containers (Provided to residents)

1 – 18-gallon recycling bin
1 – 96 gallon trash bin

Frequency of Pickup

Trash: 1 time per week collection (Curbside). Must be out by 7:00am on Wednesday.
Recycling: 1 time per week collection (Curbside). Must be out by 7:00am on Wednesday. Resident may place additional recycle product curbside in clear plastic bags.

Bulk item pick-up should be scheduled thru BDA offices 210-333-5900


Updated Recyclable Materials List


ad circulars, catalogs, carbonless paper, cardboard (flattened), dry goods packaging (remove liner), envelopes, file folders, gift wrap (non-metallic), junk mail, magazines, newspaper, office, paper, paperback books ,paper bags, paper milk and juice cartons, paper towel / toilet paper cores, phone books


Remove lids and rinse all food and liquids. Examples: beverage bottles, food and condiment bottles and jars (jelly, mustard, mayonnaise). No mirrors, windows, ceramics, or other glass or glazed materials are allowed.

Metal Cans

Aluminum, steel, and tin beverage and food cans rinsed of all food or liquids. Aerosol cans emptied and nozzle removed. Baking tins rinsed and remaining contents removed.


1,2,5, bottles, bowls, cups, food trays and tubs, jars, lotion and shampoo bottles


bottles – all colors (beverage bottles), jars – all colors (jelly or condiment jar)


aluminum drink cans, aluminum baking tins, steel or tin food cans and lids, empty aerosol cans (remove nozzle and discard in trash)

Not Accepted

Plastic Bags, All Styrofoam, Meat trays, household trash, aluminum foil, appliances, auto glass, clothes, clothes hangers, computer cords, diapers, dead animals (dead animal pick-up), garden hoses, hardcover books, light bulbs, toys, plastic containers with hazardous materials, shredded paper, Styrofoam® formed packing or “peanuts”, trash bags, waxed paper and waxed food containers, yard trimmings

During the term of this contract, the City reserves the right to add or delete items.

Bulk Pickup

Bulk items include: – tree trimmings, stumps, pallets, roofing and construction wastes, stoves, water closets, water heaters, washing machines, furniture, mattress, small tables, occasional chairs, etc and similar waste material


Household Hazardous Waste items: (motor oil, cleaning solutions, pesticides, herbicides) – Click here to learn more.

Car/Truck Tires: must be disposed of at a proper facility. Check your local automotive shop.

Large Cardboard items: must be cut into 1 x 3 strips in order to be taken as recycle – otherwise it will be collected as trash