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City of Grey Forest – WIP

Services offered to the City of Grey Forest

Company efforts are focused on waste removal and disposal as well as recycling through the use of “state of art” collection vehicles and highly motivated personnel.

Residential Garbage Collection


96-gallon cart plus 3 additional items (bags, boxes or bundles not to exceed 35 gallons each).

Frequency of Pickup

2 times per week (Wed/Sat) collect on trash. Must be curbside by 7:00am on pickup day.


The city of Grey Forest has elected to suspend recycling services until further notice.

During the term of this contract, the City reserves the right to add or delete items.

Bulk Pickup

Bulk material is collected once annually by taking bulk items to a designated site determined by the city.

What Bulk item collection covers
Most household furniture and fixtures to include stoves, refrigerators (Freon Free), water heaters, washing machines, dryers, discarded bathroom fixtures, couches, tables, chairs, mattresses and box springs, television sets, and other bulky waste materials from within your home. Items such as swing sets, basketball goals, trampolines, playscapes, etc. must be disassembled before being placed curbside for collection or they will not be collected. Water treatment systems must be free of water and salt and light enough for two normal size men to lift into the back of a truck. Gas powered equipment like lawnmowers, weed eaters and blowers must be free of gas and oil.

What Bulk item collection does not cover
Refrigerators with Freon, waste from building materials/products resulting from contractor work or exceeding 35 lbs in weight, remodeling or demolition operations on the interior or exterior of your home or adjoining structures resulting from contractor work or exceeding 35 lbs in weight, roofing material of any kind, household waste, household hazardous waste, car parts including tires or batteries, motor oil, fuel, propane tanks, needles or expired pharmaceuticals, brush, grass, cardboard boxes, fencing material of any kind resulting from contractor work, decking material of any kind resulting from contractor work, hot tubs, rocks, bricks, dirt, concrete, ammunition of any kind, dead animals/animal feces.