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C-6 Disposal Terms

The terms and conditions of agreement do not apply to customers/residents that reside within municipalities or HOA’s currently under contract with C-6 Disposal for garbage and recycling collection services. The terms of those individual contracts will govern. However you must click the “I agree” button in order to proceed with sign-up.

Term. Customer grants to Contractor the exclusive right to collect and dispose of all Customers’ residential materials as warranted below (including recyclables) for an initial term of one (1) year from the effective service date. The term of this agreement shall be automatically renewed for like terms thereafter unless either party shall give written notice of termination by certified mail to the other at least sixty days prior to the termination of the initial term or any renewal term. In the event customer terminates this agreement other than as provided above or Contractor terminates this Agreement for Customer’s non-payment, Customer shall pay to Contractor as liquidated damages a sum calculated as follows: (1) if the remaining term under this Agreement is six or more months, Customer shall pay to contractor its most recent monthly charge multiplied by six: or (2) if the remaining term under this Agreement is less than six months, Customer shall pay it most recent monthly charge multiplied by the number of months remaining in the term. Customer also agrees to pay a $20.00 fee at the end of a contract to cover the costs associated with the final pick up, sanitizing, deodorizing, and restocking of the rented units. However, if customer should move within Contractor’s service area, Contractor reserves the sole right to either continue to service customer or cancel service for its convenience. Should customer move outside of Contractor’s service area, Contractor will terminate agreement and waive the remaining liquidated breach fees if a customer provides Official Documentation as proof of the move (examples: executed lease agreement, government move orders, proof of sale, etc). All termination requests should be made in writing and sent certified mail with documentation if required. Failure to provide this voids all refunds, and subjects the account the breach fees. All final bills are due within 10 days from the close out date of the contract.

Changes and cost increases. Because the disposal of garbage and recycling material, insurance, as well as fuel and city permit charges make up a significant portion of the cost of Contractor’s services provided hereunder, Contractor may increase the Schedule of Charges proportionately to reflect any increase in such costs. Federal, State, & local fees, impositions, or costs will be passed on to Customer. The Schedule of Charges will be subject to an annual CPI adjustment. The Schedule of Charges will be subject to an annual CPI adjustment. Those charges in the Schedule of charges requiring Customer approval and changes to the frequency of collection service or the amount, capacity and type of equipment used may be agreed to verbally, in writing or by the actions and practices of the parties.

Waste Materials. Customer warrants that the waste materials delivered to Contractor will not contain any hazardous, toxic or radioactive wastes or substances as defined by applicable federal, state, or local laws, or regulations. Construction Type Materials will not be serviced in the totters, and must be quoted separately, if needed. Contractor shall acquire title to the waste material when loaded into Contractor’s vehicles: provided, however, that title to and liability for the waste materials excluded from this Agreement shall remain with Customer, and Customer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Contractors against all claims, damages, suits penalties, fines and liabilities arising out of the breach of the above warranties including, without limitations, liabilities for violation of laws or regulations, for injury or death to persons for loss or damage to property or the environment, and /or for attorney’s fees and expenses of litigation.

Service Policy. Although Contractor’s goal is to provide scheduled service 100% of the time, we guarantee a minimum of a 95% successful service ratio on their scheduled collection day during the course of the contract year, and each renewal contract term thereafter. Customer agrees to have all products out to the curb for collection by 7:00am on their assigned service day, unobstructed, & in the proper collection receptacle. Customer agrees to provide notice within 24 hours of a missed service. A customer’s failure to comply with the service policy terms could result in the prevention of a successful scheduled collection. Contractor utilizes GPS systems in vehicles to determine whether or not our vehicle went down the street from the hours of 7:00am until our close of business. If GPS confirms C-6 did not go down a street, the customer will be assigned a work order, and the trash/recycle will be collected within 24-48 hours. Customers should keep work order numbers for future reference.

Responsibility for Equipment. The equipment furnished by contractor hereunder shall remain the property of the Contractor, and Customer shall have no interest in such equipment. Customer shall be responsible for all loss or damage (including, but not limited to, graffiti and other acts of vandalism) to the equipment except for normal wear and tear or for loss or damage resulting from Contractors handling of the equipment. Customer shall not overload (by weight of 150lbs. per totter, or volume), move or alter the equipment, and shall use the equipment only for its proper and intended purpose. Customer agrees to indemnity, defend and hold harmless Contractor against all claims, damages, suits, penalties, fines, and liabilities including attorney’s fees and expenses of litigation for injury or death to persons or loss or damage to property arising out of Customer’s use, operation or possession of the equipment. On collection day, Customer shall provide unobstructed access to the equipment. If the equipment is inaccessible, Customer will be notified, and any additional collection service or attempt to provide such service shall be charged as an “extra pick-up.”

Charges and Payments. Customer shall pay Contractor for its services in accordance with the Schedule of Charges shown on the face of its Agreement. Where the Schedule of Charges specifically indicates “disposal” as a component of the charges, “disposal” shall mean the posted gate rate for disposal at the disposal facility utilized by Contractor plus an appropriate handling charge. Customer shall be liable for all of Customer’s waste materials or the services performed hereunder. Customer shall make payment within ten days after receipt of an invoice from Contractor. In the event that any payment is not made when due, Contractor may terminate this Agreement on notice to Customer, recover any equipment on the premises of Customer and recover the liquidated damages described above. Contractor may impose and Customer agrees to pay a late fee of $25 plus interest at the lower of 1 ½% per month or the maximum non-usurious rate allowed by applicable law. No credits will be issued for missed services resulting from customer being placed on stop service for nonpayment. Products will be picked up the next normal scheduled collection day. If an account is on stop during a billing cycle(s), these amounts will be added back to the bill. C-6 will not prorate quarterly, agreed, service amounts. All payments must be posted to the account in order to come off of suspended service, or online payments can be verified during normal business hours.

Pavement Damage. Contractor shall not be responsible for damages to Customer’s pavement or other driving surface resulting from the weight of Contractor’s vehicles.

Attorney’s Fees. In the event of a breach of this Agreement, the breaching party shall pay all reasonable attorney’s fee, collection fees and costs of the other party incident to any action brought to enforce this agreement.

Force Majeure. Contractor shall not be held responsible for delays in service or work stoppage resulting from Acts of God. However contractor shall make every attempt to fulfill its obligations with respect to servicing its customers for the day(s) in question. Contractor will not reimburse customer for these types of delays which may ultimately result in missed service.