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Fuel Price Summary

Fuel Surcharge

C-6’s Fuel Surcharge is tied directly to the national average price of diesel fuel as reported monthly by the Energy Information Administration of the U.S. Department of Energy (“EIA/DOE”) in its Monthly Retail On-Highway Diesel Prices Index. This index is objective, publicly available and widely recognized in the trucking and transportation industries. This will ensure that you, our valued customer, will pay a Fuel Surcharge that is currently adjusted, and equitable to you and the Company.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the price of fuel goes down, will my fuel surcharge component go down too?

Yes, if the Department of Energy’s National Average price falls, your fuel surcharge component will come down as well. This information is updated monthly. If the cost of diesel fuel decreases, this will affect your fuel surcharge component.

How can I see the value of the EIA/DOE Monthly Retail On-Highway Diesel Prices Index?

Here is the link to the EIA/DOE. This site is updated every Monday evening.

Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update

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