Have an issue or concern?  Our representatives can be reached at 210-375-0066 or 1-877-375-0066.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you service my area?

Please contact our office at 210-375-0066 and ask one of our friendly CSR’s if we service your neighborhood. Please have your subdivision name handy.

Do you recycle?

Yes we do! Please refer to our web site for the types of recyclable materials we accept.

How often do you collect my trash and recycle product?

For most customers we collect one time per week on both trash and recycle product but there are some areas where we collect twice weekly on trash and some where recycling is not provided due to lack of interest.

Can I put out extra trash and if so who much?

For twice a week collection customers you can put up to 2 x 32 gallon containers our along with your 96 gallon totter. Once a week customers you are limited to the 96 gallon totters. All customers are unlimited on the amount of recycle, but it must be clearly marked & in clear plastic bags.

How often do you bill for services?

We bill quarterly! If you start after the quarter has already begun we will prorate your bill for the remaining time in the quarter. If you move out of our service area we will refund what ever time is remaining in the quarter.

How can I make my payment to C6?

Currently we have three ways by which a customer can make a payment. (1) you can send your check or money order by US postal Service (2) you can go online to our website click on the Pay Your Bill Online button and follow the directions or (3) you can come to our office and pay with check or credit card. Due to the threat of credit card fraud and identity theft we will not accept credit card payments by phone.