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Holiday Schedule

Thank you for taking the time to review our holiday schedule. We appreciate your patience and understanding in regards to the observance of these holidays as we feel it is critically important to the morale and well being of our people.

Days observed:

New Years Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day (Honoring the Birth of Christ)

In the event your collection day falls on one of the following days, your service will be performed on your next scheduled collection day unless otherwise specified by management.

Examples: (Assumes Holiday Falls on Monday)

If your trash collection days fall on Monday and Thursday and the holiday falls on a Monday then the garbage will be collected on Thursday.

If your collection day is one time per week on Monday but you reside in a community that has the twice a week option, your trash will be collected on (Thursday) if placed a the curb by 7am.

If your recycling day is on Monday, then it will be collected the following Monday.

If your garbage is collected one time per week and it falls on a Monday and we do not offer the twice a week option to your community then it will be collected the following day (Tuesday).

C6 operates residential collection Monday through Saturday. Notification of any changes to this schedule will be in accordance with the terms and conditions of individual contract language.